Zen: A Gay Sequel


ZAGS is a project by Bob Conway and the game, including all characters, story, and gameplay, are © Bob Conway and bobcgames 2019-2021.

However, the game would not have been possible without the help of many other amazing people!


Other Game Art

Deevilj (patreon.com/incubusgame), Illuminate001 (soulsoftea.itch.io), and Phillip Sevy (phillipsevy.com)

Demo Playtesters

Chloe, Mike, Robin

Full Game Playtesters

ParrotWatcher, Max, Kain


Yubin, Robin, Reyes, Mike, Mark

Mac Build

Rob Colton

Additional Thanks

  • Everyone on twitter and the Bara Game Dev discord for their continued support
  • renpytom for making all of this possible with his engine