I Ink I Love You

Warning: Sexual Content

Saturday March 6, 2010

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Dan releases his hand, setting his hands on Carlos' shoulders instead.

Carlos nods. "Yeah. Like I said, it's not something I would have done on my own, but it'll be nice to get something with you."

"Well, I'm not sure a bear paw is really you." Dan takes his hand again, and grins. "Unless you want to be claimed as mine."

"I think you've claimed me in a lot of ways, already."

Dan laughs and pulls him in for a kiss. It's still exhilarating, somehow, to be doing this in public, in broad daylight, even though it's not really anything new anymore.

They start walking again, and Carlos starts to think again. "I'm still not really sure what to get. But it'll still be nice to get them together."

"Well, I'm sure the guys there will be happy to give you suggestions."

"You don't have any suggestions?"

Dan grins. "I do, but I think you're going to take anything I pick as more than a suggestion, because you're so eager to please."

Carlos blushes, but he knows it's probably true.

They stop again in front of the door. Dan squeezes his hand, and he can feel the nervousness rising again. "Last chance to change your mind."

"I'm pretty sure the last chance is when I'm sitting in the chair, before they start, dude."

Dan laughs and kisses him again. "Yeah, but I know you. You're not going to change your mind if you're that far into it."

"No, I think it'll be nice. Let's do this."

Dan pushes the door open, and a small bell jingles as they enter. A man at the counter greets them.

"Welcome! What can we do for you today?"

"I had an appointment. The name's Dan. I was wondering if you could also fit in my boy today, as well."

The man thumbs through an appointment book. "Yes, I have you down here. And you're in luck, because we just had a cancellation." He pulls out a pen and looks at Carlos. "Mister..."


He scribbles down in the book. "Thank you. And do you both know what you want, today?"

"I do, but he needs some help." Dan winks at him.

The guy nods, picking up a binder from the top of the counter. "Here are some standard designs. If you have something particular in mind, we can probably also do it, but there may be an extra charge depending how much design work is required."

Carlos takes the binder from him. "Thanks. I think these will be fine."

Dan grabs his free hand and leads him to some chairs to sit, and Carlos flips open the binder at random to a page. It appears to have pride-related designs.

"Think the universe is trying to tell me something?"

Dan just laughs. "Gonna advertise to the world that you're a big flaming homo?"

"Well, I think that depends a bit on where I get it. You're getting yours on your chest?"

Dan shakes his head and grins. "Nope."

"Oh." This information is somehow surprising to him. "I thought that's what you were thinking."

"It was, but it occurred to me last night as I was fucking you that whoever was on the receiving end would probably already know I was a huge faggot while my dick was in their ass."

"So... your ass?" Carlos isn't sure how he feels about an ass tattoo.

Dan laughs again. "Nope. Shoulder blade."

He considers that thought. "You know, I like that. It also means I don't have to see it all the time, which is probably a good thing."

Dan claims his mouth in a sloppy kiss. "Good thing we have each other to help with aftercare then."

"Are we thinking of different kinds of aftercare?"

"Maybe," Dan says, but it has the hint of suggestiveness that always goes right to Carlos' cock.

He can't be distracted right now, so he kisses Dan quickly before turning his attention back to the binder. He does take the random page as a sign, and looks over the options.

"Pride flag? Maybe a small one."

"That was actually what I was going to suggest, when you asked me for suggestions earlier. You've really taken to that rainbow wristband I gave you, so I thought you might like something a little more permanent."

He nods, closing the binder. "Then that's what I'm going with."

Dan takes the binder from him and pages through it, but doesn't say anything until their names are called.

"Actual last chance to change your mind, now."

Carlos takes his hand and squeezes it. "No. The more I think about this, the more I want it. It's exciting, in some way? It's like giving a big middle finger to my parents. They would hate the idea of me getting a tattoo, and you already know how coming out to them went."

Dan kisses him, and it's a lot more tender than usual. "I do, and fuck them. Not in the good way."

It takes less time than he'd expected, although the position he'd been laying had meant he couldn't see Dan the entire time.

The artist gives him a card with some instructions on it before holding up a mirror for him. Neatly marked on his shoulder blade, just as he'd asked, was a small pride flag -- large enough to be identifiable, but small enough that it didn't look out of place. He feels a strange bit of satisfaction at it.

He walks over to Dan's table, where the artist seems to be finishing up coloring in the bear paw print on Dan's back.

Dan grins at him. "Hey. Done already?"

"Yeah. More colors, but I guess it was smaller?" He turns around so Dan can see.

"Nice. How's mine looking?"

"Good. It's a bit larger than I was expecting."

"Yeah. I figured I'd just go for it. I'm not exactly known for being subtle."

"It suits you," he says, and he thinks he hadn't realized quite how fitting it was on him until seeing it. Dan just grins and takes his hand.

He waits as they finish up, and they head to the front together, where Dan insists on paying for both.

"Dude. Seriously. I can get mine."

"You can pay me back later with things that aren't currency." Carlos flushes at that, and nods, ideas already running through his head.

They walk back onto the street together, hand in hand, and as Carlos looks out at the setting sun, he feels content.

He promptly remits payment, when they get home, and they lie on their fronts afterward, holding hands between them. The position is unusual, but seems like a fitting end to what's been an unusual day.

"You know the binder they gave you was all queer designs?"

"Oh?" He looks over at Dan, who's grinning.

"Yeah. Rainbows and unicorns everywhere. Did I not tell you we were going to specifically a gay tattoo parlor?"

"I probably should have inferred that from the location near our usual club."

"You made a good choice, though. You're a bit too straight-laced for a unicorn tattoo."

"I think that's the first time anyone has described me as 'straight-laced'. You make me sound like Adam."

"He could pull off a unicorn. On his ass."

"Dude. I don't need to think about my best friend's ass right now."

Dan smacks his ass before his fingers settle on Carlos' hole. "So."

"Dude. Don't tease. You did enough of that earlier."

"I've been thinking...." His fingers push inside and Carlos groans, despite himself. "I know neither of us are really the marrying type, but it might make some stuff easier for you."

"Are you... trying to have a serious conversation with your fingers in my ass?"

Dan kisses him, prying him open. "Maybe."

Carlos shakes his head, grabbing Dan's wrist and pulling his hand away. "As much as I don't want to complain about what you're doing, I think my brain isn't going to be able to have this conversation like this. Are you proposing to me?"

Dan grins. "Maybe."

"I thought you said you weren't the marrying type."

"Well, you got inked today as somewhat of a middle finger to your parents. It would be nice to give one to the government, too. If all those straights can get their tax cuts and immigration line cutting, why can't we?"

"So you want to get married so I can get... citizenship? My green card application is already in, dude."

Dan turns onto his side, throwing a leg over Carlos' and kissing him again. "Yeah but screw that. You're not going home, right? Then you can quit your job and help me promote my new book."

"I see how it is. I'm just free labor to you." He's pretty sure the smile on his face gives away his true feelings, though.


"So what?"

"Marry me?"

"Do you do this to all your boys?" He's trying to not get caught up the sentimentality.

Dan just grins. "We can get divorced after you get citizenship, if you want."

"Marriage and divorce in the same breath? The romance is killing me. Also, I think you're supposed to put a ring on it if you're asking that, dude."

Dan's fingers find his ass again, and he slips his ring finger inside. "There. There's a ring on it. Let's get married tomorrow."

Carlos would laugh except then Dan's mouth is on his, and Dan's fingers are moving again, and he lets himself get lost in the feelings again.

Yes, he thinks, but he knows Dan already knows his answer.