Clothes Make The Man

Jake has never been one to wear fancy clothing, or dress up. He'll do it if he has to, such as to weddings or fancy events, or when Nate took him to a particularly nice restaurant, but he prefers the unconstricted feeling of t-shirts, maybe with a looser item on top.

Nate had always dressed rather more formally, especially in winter when he typically bundled up with an undershirt, button-up shirt, and sweater all under his coat, along with a nice pair of slacks and leather shoes. Jake had thought he was handsome in his outfits, of course, but hadn't really given it much thought other than that.

In the California weather, Nate doesn't wear nearly as much -- typically just a polo or button-up, with his usual undershirt -- and it isn't until he starts meeting with investors that the additional layers make a comeback.

Jake starts to realize -- now that he's touching Nate, and undressing Nate -- how much he likes those extra layers. How much he likes watching Nate in the mornings as he puts each one on and expertly fastens the buttons around his wrists. How much he likes the peek at the rumpled ends of the dress shirt above Nate's belt and butt as he bends over in the kitchen. How much he likes tugging off the tie and fumbling with the line of buttons underneath it. How much he likes looking at the discarded sport coat -- in a heap on the floor where Nate had tossed it -- while they're snuggled naked in bed together. How much he likes peeling each layer off of Nate and how much that privilege was his and his alone, these days.

"That's the last investor meeting for a while," Nate announces one day as he arrives back at home, kissing Jake's head as he meets him by the doorway, and starting to unbutton his suit jacket.

"Oh." Jake can't help but be disappointed by what it means for Nate's wardrobe.

Nate looks at him, confused. "You... like that I go to investor meetings?"

Jake blushes. "No. I, um... like that you wear suits. And that I can, um... take them off of you, afterward."

Nate smiles, understanding. "I can keep wearing suits, babe. If you'd like."

Jake thinks he does.