Zen: A Gay Sequel

Zen: A Gay Sequel, or ZAGS, is a gay, planner-focused, stat-based, dating sim set in college. It is a full sequel to Yearning: A Gay Story (YAGS), taking place during the spring semester of Chris' Freshman year of college.

As ZAGS is a proper sequel to YAGS, you may wish to play YAGS through at least once before playing this game, as ZAGS will spoil major plot points of YAGS. However, prior knowledge of the characters or universe are not required to enjoy this game.

You can download the ZAGS demo now, or preorder the final game, from itch.io!

The game is under active development, and will be more dating-focused (and contain more adult content, including CGs) than YAGS. You can see who's contributing to the game. You can also follow ZAGS updates on twitter or lemmasoft. (See the press kit here.)

The demo features

  • An open storyline based around a weekly event planner
  • 50,000+ words
  • 3 sexy CGs and 2 bonus images
  • 3 optional (and replayable) minigames
  • A variety of "routes" to follow

Your preorder helps make the final game better by funding additional art and CGs!

The final game will feature

  • 150,000+ words
  • 12+ CGs and additional bonus images
  • Additional minigames
  • Three (and a half?) full routes, plus plentiful side stories
  • A bunch of unlockable extras, such as development notes and lyric videos